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it's coming down pretty good. northern parts of the west virginia panhandle up near morgan and berkeley counties there. high water on some of the local roadways. be on the lookout. thunder rolling into howard county. couldn't rule out sprinkles he's in leesburg and poolsberg. moisture back out to the west. watch out for it for the rest of the weekend. showers scattered about for your saturday evening. don't stray far from the umbrel umbrella. most cases reez enable for tonight. >> see you in a little bit. >>> new information tonight in a murder investigation in prince george's county. just a short time ago police identified the woman found dead in a park in beltsville earlier this week. darcy spencer is live tonight in beltsville with the latest for us. what have you learned? >> reporter: jim, just a few minutes ago i was able to speak with the woman who found that body wednesday morning. she was out here walking her dog when she made that horrible discovery here at beltsville neighborhood park. up see it's a beautiful place. there are some families out here today playing w
violating. >> thank you. virginia tech may now have to pay up for the people 2007 massacre that left 31 people dead. a judge ruled the university would not have to pay a $55,000 general fine but are a dug-in reinstated half of the find saying they should pay $27,500 for waiting more than two hours to inform the campus of the fatal shooting. officials can appeal that ruling. crews were forced to shut down their construction after a water main break in arlington. it happened this morning in crystal city. borders try to shut off the flow but that did not work. -- workers tried to shut off the flow but that did not work. the water at the site is now being pumped out. still to come, mitt romney stops in virginia to check on hurricane victims in louisiana. we will show you who did make it to the old dominion. a delay in the plan for you to use your credit card in d.c. taxithey are on hold. >> the republican national convention has wrapped up and presidential hopeful milan is now touring louisiana to see the damage from hurricane isaac. he was scheduled to come to virginia but instead went to
across parts of central virginia. down towards culpepper, virginia, not too far from fredericksburg and showers over the chesapeake bay bridge. not a watchout today but keep your rain plans ready to go. showers off and on through much of the day. highs in the upper 80s, low 90s. a warm one. perfect weather, september 1st, college football season. weeke william & mary, 91 degrees. a 30% chance of showers. howard university, bison taking on morehouse up from atlanta. 91 degrees. that game at 3:00 at rfk. college football is here. a holiday weekend rain check, more coming up. >> thank you. >>> a u.s. drone strike early today kill at least five rebels in pakistan. the attack was aimed at a militant compound near the border of afghanistan. intelligence officials confirmed the drone s fired at least seve at a vehicle and house. >>> two american service members are dead after an insurgent attack in afghanistan. the attack happened early this morning in the eastern part of the country. defense officials have not revealed how the service members died. >>> elsewhere, two suicide bombers ill c
of thunder in the mountains of west virginia. worth keeping an eye on. most of this is going to dry up as it comes east of the mountains, but that being said, do expect an abundance of cloud cover for your saturday. showers chances strongest out to the west through the course of the day. a scattered showers cannot be completely ruled out. toasty warm. today well up into the upper 80s to low 90s, then for tomorrow, ooh, as the weekend goes along, unfortunately clouds thicken and rain chances increase for tomorrow and increase further as we head towards lor day monday itself. talk more about that. the whole weekend won't be a total loss, but, ooh, a little sunshine challenged for you. talk more about it um canning up. >> thank you, chuck. >>> new this morning, a u.s. drone strike killed at least five rebels in pakistan. the attack was aimed at a militant compound near the border of afghanistan. intelligence officials confirmed the drones fired at least seven missiles as a vehicle and house. the area is widely regarded as a stronghold of taliban and al qaeda operatives. >>> police are not
that full forecast coming up. >>> developing news from virginia where a man is in custody accused of soliciting a 12-year-old girl for sex. nathan portnoy had an online relationship with the girl for several months. police say she told him she was an day. last friday the two agreed to meet in bethesda. one of the girl's family members spotted them together. >> what the family member saw was her getting into his car and they followed, were able to contact her using her cell phone and she exited the vehicle at a safe time. >> police eventually caught up to portnoy in falls church. they found payloaded handgun, zip ties, handcuffs and several boxes of con donees in his car -- condoms in his car. police are concerned portnoy may have had other victims and ask for anyone with information to call them. >>> police found a woman dead in a park in beltsville on montgomery road this week. police released photos of her tattoos. they include names on the woman's wrist and chest. if you have any information, call prince george's county police. >>> police closed club elite for licensing and dan
can't tell you how great it is to see such a terrific crowd on this hot day in richmond, virginia. virginia is going to go. we're going to win. now i have a really distinct honor and pleasure today to introduce to you not only just a colleague, but a very, very dear friend. now, i've had the pleasure and honor of knowing paul ryan for over a decade now. and i have had the experience of knowing him when he works and when he works and when he works. because i tell you, he can play a little, but he's a hard worker. this guy when i first met him, we served on the ways and means committee together. this is the committee that's central to trying to get our economy going and get back to work. paul ryan -- paul ryan since he came to washington was dedicated for the right reasons, for the right cause, not just for himself but for the people he represents to turn this country around and to take america back. now, diana and i have had the pleasure of getting to know his lovely wife, janna who in her own right is an accomplished partner for paul and her beautiful family liza, sam, and charlie
flood warnings for washington county, maryland, morgan county west virginia until 9:15 with some pretty good storms coming flu and really coming down and we are looking at some flash flooding happening right now. these are flash flood warnings as we speak for again washington county, maryland, until 9:15. a look at the radar, watching storms coming in from the north and west of us you can you can see some of them does have some lightning strikes associated with it. we are looking at light rain and showers as well just around the frederick area, south into jermantown. brunswick and also further west into martinsburg. so the north -- further north you are the better chance of the showers and storms for the evening. our michael & son weather camera tonight we have cloudy conditions out there and a nice view of the white house. and it's kind of muggy out this. temperatures are -- there. temperatures are now in the lower 90s and dew points are in the 70s and winds are calm. that breeze not helping us cool down. temperatures are also at 84 in bethesda. 82 in gaithersburg, reston you've cooled
off a dance studio in fredericksburg, virginia. we show how one man jumped into action to help the children inside. [ applause ] >> reporter: a special moment for heath mullens as he accepts an award for bravery and courage. how do you feel now receiving this award? >> i'm ready. kind of a little humbled. >> reporter: humility, one of his many characteristics. call him courageous. a strong storm packed with a microburst, winds up to 80 miles per hour caused this spotsylvania gym to cave in with cheerleaders, coaches, and parents inside. >> this man made sure everybody was safe before himself. >> reporter: heath rescued kids, seconds later a wall ll on him, breaking his leg, back, and wrist. why did you sacrifice yourself to help others? >> what else -- that's what anybody would do. >> i'm thankful. >> reporter: the spotsylvania sheriff's office honored those who worked together to save lives. ultimately everyone got out okay. seven people were hurt . they thanked god. >> father, i pray that you bless these individuals -- >> reporter: if you had to do it over again, would you? >
a un voluntario de una iglesia del area de virginia por asaltar a un menor... silvana converso con la policia y nos cuenta mas...silvana!! en efecto mario ocurrio en el area de fairox en el condado de fairfax, el sujeto fue citadoa al policia para hablar de los cargos de abuso sexual a un menor y fue arrestado... un voluntario de la iglesia the kings chapel church de la bradock rd en fairfax fue arrestado hoy por la maÑa por presuntamente cometer abuso sexual contra un menor eddy azcarrate policÍa de fairfax el hombre estaba encargado de un grupo de adolescentes de la parroquia y segÚn una denuncia hecha por un padre de familia el 3 de agosto el sujeto cometiÓ la falta eddy azcarrate policÍa de fairfax la policÍa alerta a los padres de familia a estar pendientes de sus hijos eddy azcarrate policÍa de fairfax si tiene informaciÓn sobre este caso o sabe de algÚn otro relacionado a este individuo comunÍquese con la detective l. barca al 703 246-7810 o llame a crime solvers al 1866-411- de ser encontrado culpable el hombre podrÍa enfrentar de 1 a 20 anos de cÁrcel y hasta
. >>> we begin with a virginia man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. police arrested him after the girl's family saw her in the car with the man. >> what investigators found when they searched the car is chilling. fox 5's matt ackland is working this one now. >> police say they found what some refer to as a rape kit inside his car, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, zip ties, a black ski mask and several boxes of condoms. montgomery county police want you to get a good look at nathan portnoy's picture. they say he was involved in the three month online relationship with a 12-year-old who apparently told him she was an adult. police want to know if had he any contact with other children. >> there's always that potential and that's why we're releasing this story, his picture and many details of this investigation. >> authorities say the online relationship turned into a face to face meeting last friday. the two met in bethesda and played soccer. fortunately a family member saw the two together. >> the family member saw her getting into his car and they followed, were
to louisiana. walpole ryan rallied in virginia. -- why pauwhile paul ryan rallid in virginia. >> they call their plan new, bold, and a gutsy. there is nothing gutsy about giving another trillion dollars in tax breaks to millionaires. >> president obama met with troops at fort hood texas in a non campaign event. >> we have the best trained military in human history. next week, is the president's turn as democrats kick off their convention in charlotte. >> the situation is not good. they have to go after the other guy. >> the president launches his road to charlotte toward this weekend in iowa and colorado. then on monday, he heads to louisiana to survey the ongoing response to isaac. >> some lucky school students from charlotte, n.c., and got their first glimpse of the convention hall that will be used for the democratic national convention. organizers showed how the time warner cable arena was transformed into a state of the art convention center. highlights include an innovative podium and stage that will be is for the first two days of the convention. >> in just seven weeks, this arena h
. >> virginia tech may now have to for the april 2007 massacre that left 31 people dead. a judge ruled the diversity to pry the blogs pay a fine. now secretary of education arne that saying stated the university would have to in -- arnest $27,000 said the university would least 20,000 -- $20,000 in fines. >> a new project would allow passengers to pay taxi fees with credit cards. the project will be put behind schedule by two munch and could delayed as long as next spring. >> if you are taking metro, ebay delays of the metro. trackrains will single for platform reconstruction. of beatles weekend the national harbor. take a trip down -- down memory lane. >> good morning to you. good afternoon. it is a little overcast this afternoon. looking at the sky, could say, here comes the sun. pretty pleasant and mild out here. it is called the world's largest inspired music festival. it takes place twice a year. it runs through monday and it is a five-day event at national harbor. on five stages indoors and outdoors. have gathered a variety of tribute bands. tonight performance is a s' loveion of
to turn it over, i believe, to virginia, and i will be available for questions during the q & a. [applause] >> hi. good afternoon. i am virginia harmon, and i am here on behalf of our director of transportation, ed risken. as most of you are aware, the transportation agency is the seventh largest transit agency in the country. therefore, there are a significant number of opportunities on our contracts and the employment opportunities associated with those contracts as well. >> i'm sure most of you are aware that we are currently bidding and working on the central subway project. that is an exciting opportunity for small businesses. to date we have also exceeded 30% participation in terms of small business enterprises on that project. we have done a couple of small business enterprise set-asides. on our tunnel contract upcoming, the work will start shortly. we have 50% s.b.e. trucking set aside. that should ensure we see a significant amount of small and local trucking on that project. i have brought a couple of people with me here today. i would like to introduce them to you and have them
. she played a trip to virginia, and the federal highway was looking at the program that our small business and disadvantaged business had put together as an example of how the out reaches should be done and how we can make these works available to everyone who is willing to participate. this chart, which is put together, paul has been working with us very closely. there are a number of elements that have to be in place for us to make sure that we understand what opportunities are available. we monitor what is out there in construction and what we are actually performing. to do all of that, to make sure that we do make the connection between the larger prime contractors and the smaller firms either on tasks, trucking and providing supplies, or on actual construction of a major construction contract. paul has been instrumental in making sure that all of that data does come to us, because we do report all of that, not just locally here, but state-wide, and also since our contract has federal money and stimulus money, all of our reports do go to the federal highway administration. go
the vikings last week and they won. no significant acts of violence. there was a shooting in virginia and there has been some reporting that the suspect had a recent criminal contact in san francisco. that was not a criminal context, it was a psych hold, i reviewed the case and we did what should have been done. the last we had heard from this person in san francisco was 47. he is from virginia and the shooting took place in his home state. lastly, i have to apologize to the commission. we reported in our taser presentation that memphis had acquired teasers. that is true but it was memphis, mich. and not memphis, tennessee. i have instructed commander ali to contact memphis. he spoke to the colonel. they're contemplating teasers -- tasers. it is not an immense situation for budgetary constraints. we will continue to talk with them and work within the resolution to make that presentation back before you within 90 days of that last meeting. that concludes my report. >> commissioners, anything for the chiefs? thank you. item 2b. >> occ director's report. presentation of the second quarte
to louisiana to visit the areas hit by tropical storm isaac and paul ryan went to virginia and spoke today less than a week after being introduced as romney's running mate in norfolk. >>> president obama made a stop at a texas military base today. he spoke to troops at fort bliss and held a round table discussion with fill tear families. and the city of charlotte, north carolina is getting ready for the democratic national convention. the organizers are releasing a time lapse showing how the arena was turned into a convention hall. school children were allowed in to get a look at the hall before the proceedings begin. we will be in charlotte. we'll have a report beginning sunday night on news4 at 11:00. >>> the government is ordering virginia tech to pay a $25,000 fine related to the 2007 massacre. a judge dismissed a larger fine issued by the department of education. officials claim that the school violated federal law by waiting for two hours before informing the campus of a deadly shooting at a dorm. by that time the gunman was in a building where he killed 30 people. the u.s. education secr
, not with paul ryan. he broke away from ryan. they were going to campaign yesterday in virginia. ryan went to virginia and romney to louisiana. the president going on monday. the president travels with a little bit of a larger footprint. romney went with a smaller staff. this all goes back to 2005 when you want to talk about politics. the criticism president bush got by not going immediately to louisiana after hurricane katrina. >> certainly, they are trying to get there first. the swipe fest continues following the convention. obama's campaign took a swipe at romney's speech for omitting afghanistan. the president talked about in his white house address. listen to this. >> we have broken the taliban's momentum and begun a transition to an afghan lead. next month, the last of the troops i ordered as part of the surge against the taliban will come home. by 2014, the transition will be complete. as long as we have a single american in harm's way, we will do everything in our power to keep them safe and help them succeed. that means giving them a clear mission and the equipment they need on t
to see you. >> it is president obama's turn now. iowa, colorado ohio and virginia all before he get to carolina. he will go to the gulf and tour the damage from hurricane isaac . ed henry is traveling with the president and joins us live from urbanville, iowa. ed? >> interesting to see and be with president obama only six electoral votes that is a huge investment of presidential time shows they are going to be fighting for every electoral vote. you heard steve brown talking about the republican ticket. both sides realize it is a 50-50 race . they have to fight for the small battle ground and can't take them for granted. economy and jobs issue at the of the campaign and domestic. and foreign policy and national security important as well. and let's start with governor romney. his acceptance speech on thursday night lit into the president. take a listen. >> i will begin my presidency with a job's tour. president obama began his with an apology tour. america, he said had dictated to other nations . no mr. president, america has freed nations from dictators. >> you hear anyone who said
school at the university of virginia here in charlottesville. both just weeks away from a prepared statement huguely's family said they "love george and will always support him"and they believe llve's death was an accident. and that yeardley "wwll always be in our hearts". chapman 16:50:06 this young mannhas an anger proble he has 17:02:56 we think george was convicted of a crime inconsistant with the facts evidence required.the love family meanwhile saying "we are relieved to put this chaater behind us"((recorded on camera tag in charlottesville-do not cover)) pow keep innmind while this case is behind the love family... here are two civil lawsuits one is a 30 million dollar lawsuit against george huguely the other is a wroogful death suit against the university of charlottesville joy lepola fox 45 news at ten a michigan man goes from raiiroaa engineer to multi-millionaire...áovernightt. ghtt..ádonald lawsoná is the winner of the 337-million-dollar ápowerball jackpotá lawson opted for the cash option giving him a lump sum of more than 220-million do
are seeing shower activity and in west virginia, thunderstorm activity going on at this stage of the game. this is all sliding to the east, the initial moisture, not a major part of the forecast today but it is part of the holiday weekend forecast. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. >> things are revving up down the for the start of the second annual baltimore grand prix. >> some of the most skilled drivers of the world are weaving their high octane cars through the streets. george lettis has more. >> the speed is neck twisting. >> 80 miles per hour. >> the sound is ear crackling and the skill is simply amazing. >> it's best thing i've ever seen. >> on friday, qualifying races began so the grand prix of is officially back for year two. >> it's like going to an imax and seeing the movie, it's the exact same thing, the rumble of your seats, the panic of them going around the corner. there was a crash at pratt and howard street. they were flying over the railroad tracks and literally getting air. one of the b.m.w.'s couldn't handle the height and hit the wall. >> a little exciting.
to certainly a few states. virginia is very important. iowa where president obama was today is going to be significant. these states are going to see the candidates go to these states sometimes on the same day they will be the same state. it will be very close down the stretch. it depends on who runs the better campaign and who makes the fewer gaffes and, of course, the debates. >> heather: you talked about the addition to paul ryan. what role will he play. he is headed back to north carolina but in a different area of the state. we found that out today. first generation xer to be on the ticketed? >> i think he is fresh base. he is likable. now it's two versus two, remember romney was all by himself, being attacked by president obama and vice president joe biden. one thing to remember, romney has a lot of money he couldn't access before he was the nominee. i think romney is going to win the air war, the advertisement war. president obama has the clear edge on the ground. so that is one to watch, whether romney can get out the vote. ground operations and set up a lot more offices with
where the president will be making two stops today and then to virginia, where he'll be campaigning tuesday. are you beginning to see a pattern here? they're all tossup states and along with wisconsin and michigan, represent opportunities for both tickets to score potentially big wins. but, if republicans win in the last two, in wisconsin and michigan, whoa, katie bar the electoral vote door. and here is our fox news who would have thunk alert. that's a little too dramatic. you get the idea. these are democrat state bastions not gone red since ronnie reagan, that's a stunning in measured-- michigan, and don't hold it against them. and it's too crucial to ignore. states they all won easily four years ago, and kind of a jump ball today. and you wonder why so many democrats are worried and some folks in charge of raising money for them are worried, one of the president's top fundraisers on the phone, don, the math still looks good for you guys, but it's problematic, lectorly, what do you think the way things are looking now? >> well, i think, it's interesting that so many battle ground
that are called the virginia military district. after the revolutionary war officers in the revolutionary army did not get paid but were given land and ohio. part of the west at that time. they moved out here. this sort of carried with them their culture and their background. they came from a slave owning state. it did not bring slaves with them. they were sympathetic to that culture. part of ohio also has been settled from west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, the states and the self, appellation, and indeed there is a part of a high of the really is appellation. again, there were seven separate piece. there was a lot of activity during the civil war 1/5. the governor of ohio at one point declared martial law and no higher to try to rein in the confederate sympathies and sympathizers who were here. so all of that adds up to the picture after the civil war where politicians are going to be successful statewide in ohio they had to appeal to both people with seven sympathies and people with north sympathies. on the northern side of the grand army of the republic to a committee of its officers from ohi
activity. it will stall in virginia so it's not really leaving but will be with us all weekend long. this moisture is not really related to the moisture yet anyway from what's left of isaac which is out in missouri. rains in illinois, back into iowa, down around kansas city. that moisture will get pulled into this front, as well. so it's a double whammy but not as gloomy as it could have been. we will see periods of sun. it won't be raining all the times, but not raining most of the time. 87 to 91, the high. we bank on sun coming into the picture. we will call it a partly to mostly cloudy situation with a light shower from time to time and variable winds at 10 miles an hour. the statewide forecast, eastern shore, lesser chance for rain especially to the northeast. higher chances of rain to the southwest and out to the west. temperatures cooler in the mountains and perhaps along the beaches but we will be up near 90 degrees if given half a chance with the sunshine. future cast shows tonight maybe a shower here or there. sunday, a little different story with moisture from isaac gettin
traveling companion in wisconsin and west virginia, senator humphrey. on our devoted and courageous chairman, paul butler. and on that fighting campaigner whose support i now welcome, president truman. i feel a lot safer with all of them on my side. and i am proud of the contrast of our republican competitors. not one challenger has dared to put his head up in the last 12 months. [applause] i am fully aware of the fact that the democratic party by nominating someone of my faith has taken on what many regard as a new and hazardous. democratic party is once again placed its confidence in the american people and their ability to render a free and fair judgment and my ability to render a free and fair judgment. [applause] to uphold the constitution in my oath of office, to reject any kind of religious pressure or obligation that might directly or indirectly interfere with my concept of the presidency in the national interest. my record of 14 years in supporting public education, supporting a complete separation of church and state, and resisting pressure from forces of any kind should be clear b
that are called the virginia military district. after the revolutionary war, officers in the revolutionary army who didn't get paid were given land in ohio. ohio's a part of the west, of course, at that time. they moved out here. they sort of carried with them their culture and their background. they came from a slave-owning state. they didn't bring slaves with them into ohio, but they were sympathetic to that culture. part of ohio also has been settled from west virginia, kentucky, tennessee. those states just to the south of us, appalachian states and, indeed, there's a part of ohio that really is ap lay a cha -- appalachia, and that's southeastern ohio. there were southern sympathies there. there was a lot of activity during the civil war that was pro-confederate activity in ohio. the governor of ohio at one point declared martial law in ohio to try to rein in the confederate sympathies and sympathizers who were here. so all of that adds up to a picture after the civil war where if politicians were going to be successful statewide in ohio, they had to appeal to both people with southern symp
directions today-- mitt romney surveyed storm damage in louisiana and paul ryan stumped in virginia. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we have the latest on the campaign, and look back at last night's finale at the tampa bay times forum. >> woodruff: then, we turn to the storm known as isaac with two snapshots of its aftermath from our colleagues at louisiana public broadcasting. >> brown: the justice department ends its three-year investigation into alleged torture of terror suspects by the cia. margaret warner has our update. >> woodruff: while delegates gather for the democratic convention in north carolina, paul solman is on the ground, getting a preview of the party's economic platform. >> democratic economic advisor jarrod bernstein takes us around charlotte way pit stop at the nascar hall of fame, for an unusual policy demonstration. >> brown: what will it take to convince voters still on the fence? ray suarez watched mitt romney's speech last night with a group of undecided virginians. >> i thought it did a very good job of
in florida. followed by a rally in richmond, virginia with paul ryan. >> president obama talks about a new initiative. while he was speaking to troops in fort bliss, texas. he met in private with a group of service members and their families. fort bliss, texas is where he announced the end of the war in iraq two years ago. this is about 30 minutes. thank you so much, everybody. leadership, leading our troops home. aftermath of hurricane isaac. state and local level. their hour of need. for welcoming here today. ray chandler. ronnie kelly. [applause] force in the world. missile defense command. ironside. first. military family here. [applause] received from your civilian knowledge two champions of fort bliss. also got all the great folks in el paso and new mexico. [applause] simple reason. life of our nation and military, operations in iraq. on a job well done. war, you were there. your speed and strength, the and less than one month. went back year after year. insurgent, you stood firm take the lead. and courage. people at all our troops would be out of iraq by the end of the following yea
in virginia lined up the scores of other people to have their marriage legalized. and this is happening all across the south. so many things were meaningful happening to people. and it was hard, but they seized with a coed and they moved forward. >> just to press the point a little bit more, there are business owners, property owners. and there's a college president, howard johnson. >> is that right? >> part of it is true. obviously all of what he described was true, but i think there was a lot more. i don't think that -- i didn't come away feeling worn down by the bleakness of it. i found it inspiring what people made up their lives despite everything and they did quite a lot. >> just to practice .1 step further, it struck me in reading it that by reducing the complexity because in a passage like that, and 750 word book review, it gives the impression that this is a kind of usual story, which is that it's all struggle and strike and these passing moments of brightness, but doom and gloom. >> as a person who writes about terrible things in the past, trust me well aware of how bad things get
to virginia to survey the damage left by isaac in louisiana. >> i have a lot of questions for you. i'm here to learn and draw attention to what's going on here so people around the country know the folks here need help. >> reporter: there was cleaning up to do after the convention that had nothing to do with all those balloons. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself. >> reporter: clint eastwood's script with an empty chair that was supposed to be president obama had some cheering. the romney family was not laughing. >> we appreciated clint's support. he's a unique guy and did a unique thing. >> reporter: the campaign defended the actor saying judging an american icon like clint eastwood through a political lens doesn't work. the ad libbing was a break and the crowd enjoyed it. the president's twitter account took notice sending out this tweet at eastwood and romney saying this seat is taken. >> not a word about his record in massachusetts where job growth was 47th out of 50. >> reporter: signs of the tough fight to come, the obama cam
un evento programado en virginia y su primer viaje como candidato a la casa blanca. vimos con su cosa ann. recorrieron algunas zonas mÁs afectadas por el huracÁn isaac. pudieron hablar con vÍctimas, y tambiÉn con miembros de los equipos de rescate. por otra parte, el alcalde de nueva orleans, hoy iniciaba la etapa de reconstrucciÓn y recuperaciÓn. >>> con tono dÉbil y desafinado, nueva orleans lucha con poner... algo difÍcil para este grupo de trabajadores mexicanos, dicen que su visita al paseo del rÍo, que bordea al mississippi fue un regalo de la vida. que estuvieron a punto de perder. >>> porque iba a quedar ahÍ. >>> sobrevivientes de la inundaciÓn. inesperada y traicionera se llevÓ barrios enteros. en una casa sumergida, las autoridades descubrieron los cadÁveres de una pareja joven y temen encontrar a un mÁs. la misma suerte que por poco corren ellos dice josÉ angel ramÍrez. al quedar atrapados en una bodega en la que el agua crecÍa y crecÍa. >>> un compaÑero brincÓ por las cosas que flotaban las vigas y la pared. la rompiÓ a patadas. >>> estoy aquÍ a dentr
by force. virginia sterilized 8,000. california 21,000. other programs existed in korea, japan, canada and beyond. this is the covert history of 20th century disability and it hasn't stopped yet. in the last two decades, there have been involuntary sterilizations amongst gypsies in europe and in the native people of peru. [whistle] >> many of the para olympians who will be celebrating in london have the same disabilities as those whose rights have been violated. but does this mean we should right off eugenics in its totality? we stand at the dawn of a new era where advances in genetic engineering and embryo selection could permit parents to take far more control of the genetic makeup of their children. should the prospect of designer babies be ignored just because of its associations with nazism? >> it's sometimes said because of the nazis embraced eugenics that it must be wrong for us to at least take the idea of improving human beings seriously. now, it seems to me just rather silly to think that things are wrong because bad people do them. so if it is true, with you i think it's dou
, virginia. ryan says: "you're going to decide what you want this country to be. we owe you this."biden says: "they said last night thht things weren't getting better. i guess they don't know what's happening in this valley." vice president biden, firing back at the g---p ticket in lordstown, ohio. and the president, ánotá on an official campaign event... making remarks to troops at fort bliss, texas to mark two years since america's combat role in iraq ended.obama says: "in every major phase of that war, you were there - the iron soldiers. because of your speed and strength, americaa troops topled a dictator in less than a month. because of your committment, you stayed pn extended tours and went back tour after tour year after year."(mckelway on cam tag) mister bama returns to the campaign trail tomorrow with appearances in iowa. white house press secretary jay carney announccng the presiient will head to louisiana on monday to check out the impact from isaac. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. as the weather begins to clear .... people get a good loo
. if it was 50 years ago and the issue was african-americans, loving versus virginia, black americans marrying white americans, it was a civil rights issue. we have to be able to distinguish our personal beliefs and choices with public policy. once you make that distinction it's not very hard to understand why you should support same-sex marriage or people's ability to choose. keep your own personal preferences, but understand that we live in a country of diverse and complex people. >> the om challenge with that -- -- many -- the only challenge with that -- >> before we go to that, i want to ask the audience, if you have questions, to go to the microphone. >> the only thought is we have not determined whether same-sex marriage isinate or acquired. no one can validate that so you can't necessarily put that in the same category as me being a black man. so i appreciate that point and i'm not taking a position on it. i'm just saying it's not substantiated, not dal -- validated. and you are right, it's much like what happened in the 1950's and 1960's on the race issue. again, you are born black. bu
will campaign in colorado, ohio and virginia. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker is traveling with the president. she's live in iowa with the latest. hi to you. is it overcast there? is that what's going on there? is that a little bit of isaac? >> reporter: it is a little overcast, alex, you're absolutely right. but president obama, the obama campaign, very focused right now on trying to build momentum and excitement ahead of the democratic national convention. they are starting their road to charlotte campaign right here in iowa, and we are told that one of the themes today is going to be to highlight what the obama campaign is calling american heroes, people who have overcome great challenges during this difficult economy, during this difficult time in our nation's history. so we're going to hear from some of them in addition to hearing from the president. as you say, he's going to have a very busy holiday weekend. from here he heads to colorado. 's going to take a little bit of a break from the trail on monday to visit louisiana, to visit with some of the folks who were imp
will move on to petersburg, virginia. ronald's is on our line for democrats. -- ronald is on our line for democrats. how'd you think convention should be changed for 2016. caller: i do not think taxpayer money should go to any kind of political convention. they raise hundreds of millions of dollars to do all kinds of stuff. i do not see why taxpayer money should go to this. politicians are putting themselves first. that is all i have to say. host: athletic -- let's move to indianapolis, indiana. what you think should be changed for 2016? caller: i liked the coverage from c-span where you got to see everything. in a world scripted with the world -- the mainstream media or any media has a limited reach, they do not cover everything and we end up with snippets. we will see what comes out next week. the most interesting things are sometimes lost because the general public does not get to see because the networks do not have the capability. the other thing is, it would be nice to have a opportunity. we need people to understand what is driving it . the speech from chris christi ande-chris
/11, the bp oil spill and the virginia tech mass shooting. with virginia tech, feinberg was able to distribute $7 million dollars to the shooting victims in just 45 days. >> here are the rules. he is eligible. here's how much money you get. the check's in the mail. i don't understand why it has to be complex. >> reporter: the nonprofits in aurora have set up a complex system. this is the community first foundation. they're holding the funds. >> so it's not as simple as writing the check? >> to whom and for what purpose. i think that's the part we want to be smart about. >> reporter: the community first foundation president marla wi williams says that they immediately hit hurdles. a gag order on law enforcement that made it difficult to verify all the victim's names. now they're trying to form a community input group and then the governor's office got involved. and then another layer of nonprofits. this is the colorado organization for victim assistance. they actually give the money to the victims after community first foundation releases the funds. but cova wouldn't talk to us, citing that gag
, ohio, virginia, iowa. so it will take a while to find out if the people who still aren't sold on him were sort of won over by this humanizing of him. that's what we saw throughout the whole week. an effort to highlight every chapter of his life. he's had a hard time sort of doing this himself. all of his advisers say he does not like to talk about himself. he's uncomfortable in that respect. so he summoned all kinds of people from different walks of his life to give testimonials. so i think in that respect, i think he did sort of improve the perception of himself. but we will find out at the end of the day if that's enough to get people to vote for him. it was kind of a joint message, fire obama, hire romney and we have 67 days to see if it worked. gwen: but who's counting? >> right. gwen: i want to get back to the fire obama part. we're here in charlotte to watch the democrats but i was cure ow, humanizing part which he and ann romney seemed to some way resist doing too much of, so they got others to do it for them. and then there was emphasis on the convention floor, diversity of v
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